“A human without boundaries, my heritage does not define me, my sexuality does not define me, my moments of weakness do not define me. My actions define me and I shout them all out. I think my work acts as a mirror, a reflection of society channelled through personal experiences. My practice deals with issues that affect me personally as a woman and as a human being. I think it is important to distinguish that I am an artist, not a politician. But I think everyone uses art to communicate differently, to express different things and to feel different feelings.

It is with these words that Michal Cole, a contemporary artist of Israeli origin, introduces herself to the public. Born in Haifa, Israel, in 1974 of Moroccan parents, Michal Cole studied Fine Arts in London, at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and later at Chelsea College of Art. Her artistic practice deals with truth, power, rhetoric and femininity. From 28 May, Paragon 700 will be hosting some of Michal Cole’s most recent artworks, giving space to art that, as a means of communication, addresses injustice and inequality, cultures and customs, gender balance and the denunciation of a society entrenched in old prejudices and systems.

“I use all available means – it is the artwork that defines the means, not me. Each work has its own vocation and method of execution that makes it work. I find that sticking to one medium is almost criminal for me because I never see it as ‘my work’, it’s a work of art that had to be made. I’m just the medium.”