new menu based on the seasonality and excellence of ingredients. The inspiration comes directly from Puglia, but the contemporary touch and gastronomic knowledge of Chef Giacomo Simone and his staff elevate each dish to a unique experience for the eyes and palate.

We begin with a starter that is sophisticated in shape but simple in flavour: lobster, potatoes, hazelnut and vegetables. At the base, a potato pavè on which is added a lobster browned in butter and then escaloped. To cover, vegetables with peppers in liquid spheres, courgette pralines, veils of acidulous red onion and baby carrot. The dish is completed by a hazelnut sauce, toasted hazelnuts and finally an air of anchovy colatura to give flavour. In the realm of first courses, the Cartellata di “brasciola” stands out, whose inspiration comes from Christmas and the world of sweets. It is the shape of the Apulian cartellata (a typical Christmas dessert) that inspired the Chef to create this first course by making it a tortello with a filling of brasciola ragù (a meat roll). The toppings of the classic brasciola complete the dish: sultanas, parmesan cheese, lard and roasted tomatoes. t continues with dentex, zollino beans, escarole and aioli. This is a roasted dentex that has been previously worked and shaped into an ‘S’ shape. On the roasted skin is poured an aioli sauce and placed a salad of escarole and orange. To complete the dish, a mousse of Zollino beans and a reduced dentex guazzetto. For meat lovers, Terrine of beef, rapini and white celery. The terrine is made from the most collagenous parts of the braised beef: cheeks, tail, brisket. As soon as it is ready, it is frayed and left under pressure overnight to compact. The terrine is served with red and white baby rapettes, crispy beetroot chips and a white celery mousse to give it creaminess. And finally, a bunch of grapes, one of the artistic creations of Valeria, pastry chef at Paragon 700. Playing with shapes and textures, this grape-based dessert is a hymn to Autumn. It is made with grape confit, prosecco panna cotta, wine reduction, prosecco cream, grape jelly and finally wine marshmallow.