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Meet the Chef Giovanni Cerroni

What is in store for you when dining at Restaurant 700?

The concept of Restaurant 700 at Paragon 700 has been designed to take you on a gastronomic journey in every sense.

So what better person to describe the concept, culture and passion behind Restaurant 700 none other than the chef, Giovanni Cerroni, who shares with us below his vision behind his gastronomic creations.


Can you please share with us the highlights of your culinary career?

The most important moments that characterized my journey and which brought me here was certainly the meeting with the master Francesco Bracali, with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating with for two and a half years, where I learned what taste and aesthetics really mans.

The exciting and incredible of rigor and avant-garde extremist at the Mugariz of Andoni Luis Aruriz in the Basque Country, to then land as Sous chef at the court of Terry Giacomello at the Inkiostro restaurant in Parma, where I had the opportunity to confront myself with another genius of the avant-garde technique. The last posting at the Confusion Restaurant in Porto Cervo, with another pillar of Italian gastronomy: the chef Italo Bassi.


How would you describe the gastronomic style of cooking you prepare at Paragon 700?

My philosophy and style of cooking is strongly based on taste, technique and aesthetic sense. A kitchen born from a memory, from a journey, from an emotion, where sustainability also plays an important role. A kitchen with a very specific identity that wants to tell my experiences, my path and my past.


What is it about local Pugliese ingredients that really inspires you?

There is no particular ingredient that has inspired me in particular, if not all the ingredients that this magnificent region offers. From cold cuts and cheeses, to vegetables and fruit, to local fish.


What would be your signature dish that you would recommend the patrons at Paragon 700 try when they dine at the Restaurant 700?

What I would recommend to possible guests at our restaurant is not a dish but rather to sit down and let yourself be completely transported to a parallel world of flavours and emotions, where technique and taste go hand in hand.


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