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Paragon 700

Once Upon A Time...

Palazzo Rosso, (the red palace), has a long and fascinating history. Once the home of Ostuni‘s first mayor, Don Paolo Tanzarella, its walls tell the tumultuous story of the White City. Just steps away from the present-day Villa Comunale park, the venerable stone building has always been at the centre of the city’s social and cultural life: it was here that the trainieri (carriage drivers in Apulian dialect) were waiting for their daily assignments and it’s here today that one can immerse himself in the Ostuni’s life.

The Project

As soon as the red carriage door opened, it was love at first sight. Pascale and Ulrike instantly knew that they would not be able to resist. “As if,” they said, “it already was our home.” It was 2016 and by then, the two entrepreneurs had been in love with Puglia for several years, to the extent of completely restoring an old farmhouse, a masseria…

Uncovering Mysteries

The timeline may be a bit blurry, but Maria Buongiorno, the restorer in charge of bringing back to life the building’s former glory, is certain: the Palazzo architecture is centuries-old. The most ancient parts seem to date back to the 1700s, but a wood door with peepholes typical of 17th-century cloisters has also been discovered during the restoration.

The Owners

“You have everything here: the food, the culture, the history, the landscapes, the land, the sea!” Pascale and Ulrike couldn’t resist the elegance and the charm of Puglia. Five years earlier, they had restored a local traditional farmhouse, a masseria, and even completely revamped a beach club in Specchiolla, the P Beach…

The Unique Taste

Recycled monumental lighting fixtures, South African sofas and headboards, braziers from India turned into bathtubs, closets and nightstands bought from antique fairs from all over the world. The creative association of old and new, objects and furniture in a head-spinning and very personal blend is Pascale’s trademark.

The Green Soul

Green hospitality is a philosophy, not simply a style; the elements of sustainability integrate with functionality, cost containment, environmental factors, and the health and well-being of Paragon 700 guests.

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