Patrizia Pareo was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1959, but right after graduating in painting (1982) she moved to Italy in the Itria Valley, where she currently lives and exhibits her works. She likes to use different painting techniques, oil, tempera, watercolour, and experiment with different art expressions, from landscapes and indoor scenes to more abstract themes. World and personal events led her to look beyond the figurative world of painting: she felt they were no longer enough to express what she felt. In 2009, the first truly abstract works, such as ‘Anima Bianca, Anima Nera’, resulted from this period.

Today, figuration is behind her. She is more and more into combining Eastern graphic compositions with Western abstract shapes, which is the main theme of the solo exhibition at Paragon 700. The canvas is composed and decomposed through this colour-matter, now scratched, now engraved or cut, and transport us into that inner world to which the artist finally gives us access. Artworks never shown before now inhabit the spaces of Paragon 700 in an extraordinary dialogue with Palazzo Rosso and the unique interior design which distinguishes it. As she says, “the combination of my painting and this special architecture is for real connoisseurs”.

Patrizia Pareo has her own art gallery in Cisternino because she likes connecting with people and showing them her true inner nature: “I like to know to whom my artwork is going to, to know and understand the person who is buying it and to know what emotions are stirring in him.”