Restaurant 700

Apulian gourmet dining with a unique flair

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A cuisine that never forgets the past, its flavours and traditions,

but with a sophisticated eye on the future… an unforgettable experience.

Restaurant 700

Open 7/7 for both guests and the publicRestaurant 700 offers a culinary experience with a sophisticated touch and impeccable service. With this promise, the old olive mill becomes a convivial table and together with the state-of-the-art kitchen creates a modern ambience steeped in history. Our local producers and farmers “sit” at our table, where respect for the seasons and variety of tastes is essential. Appreciating these two elements that Puglia has to offer is the key to Restaurant 700. Beyond the patio, the swimming pool and the largest private garden in Ostuni with its orange grove find their home: here you can have breakfast, or dine on the hottest summer nights.

“Nowadays the kitchen becomes more conscience than form; although you have to think carefully before presenting a dish, the return to the past is inevitable and my cuisine, which I consider neo-traditionalist, tries to present taste before form, to propose beauty, good and essential of Italian cuisine””

Kevin Luigi Fornoni – Restaurant 700 Chef


Apulia is a land with extraordinary biodiversity that has allowed it, in the last 15 years, to develop a rich and fascinating wine culture, so much so that it has become one of the leading Italian wine-producing regions. Today, these lands produce intense red wines, robust rosés and delicate whites. PrimitivoNegroamaro, but also the lesser known Susumaniello. Wines that guests can discover during tastings organised by our Sommelier in the Palazzo’s wine cellar, created from the old oil cistern.