Paragon 700

A bespoke scent to travel all year around

It is called “Paragon 700“, and it is the new ambient fragrance created and designed by OLFACTYS for Paragon 700. A perfume to tell the story and the new identity of Palazzo Rosso, a unique scent to remain in the customer’s memory and available to take home in a sort of dream of the lived experience.

The dominant note is the amber-oriental accord, strongly desired by Pascale and Ulrike to underline the cosmopolitan soul of the hotel. 
The aromatic and country notes have been chosen to pay homage to the evocative landscape of Apulia, and Ostuni in particular, giving liveliness and freshness typical of the area. 
Patchouli, musk and vetiver take back to a past of treasures, while the spicy notes of coriander are softened by the floral notes of rose and ylang.

The line entirely produced by OLFACTYS, under the brand name Paragon 700, includes perfume sticks, scented candles, delicious bottles with the essence in a concentrated formula for sale.

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Covid updates

We partnered with Laboratory Alfa in Ostuni, and we offer the possibility of having the PCR test at the hotel for all the guests who might need it.


FREE Covid test for a minimum of 3 nights stay


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