“At Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & SPA, sustainability is the heartbeat of our ethos.

Within the historic Palazzo Rosso, in the heart of the White City, we’ve meticulously restored while championing energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. Our restoration wasn’t just about reviving history; it was a dedication to sustainability, utilizing local materials and skills to minimize environmental impact while preserving heritage.

Our innovative micro cogeneration heating system isn’t just cutting-edge; it’s a testament to our dedication to a greener future. Generating both electricity and warmth simultaneously, it’s a pioneering step in reducing our energy consumption and environmental footprint.

From cutting out plastic to encouraging mindful water use and significantly reducing waste, including a shift away from unnecessary paper, sustainability is woven into every aspect of our operations.

In our culinary journey, we take pride in sourcing locally and seasonally, supporting responsible suppliers committed to sustainable practices. Our commitment extends beyond taste to contributing positively to the local ecosystem.

We invite you to be part of our story.

Every stay at Paragon 700 isn’t merely a luxurious escape; it’s an invitation to join hands in crafting a better tomorrow.

Together, we can create a world where hospitality and sustainability walk hand in hand, leaving a lasting positive impact on our environment and the communities we cherish.